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ball lightning research: the picture of the day
Artificial Ball lightning Properties
Bunsen burner fireball
The jumping fireball
Lengthy - capillary discharge
Closed - capillary discharge
Energy-dense ball lightning

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December, 12. (in Russian)

  • New heading on the ball lightning investigation has opened. In the first issue we have presented the image demonstrating ability of a simulated Ball Lightning to blow up at some stage of its existence. In next, New Year's issue we adduce the evidence of its ability to blow up, when it collides with a target, and we lift a little a curtain at one of secrets of a Ball Lightning. The electric discharge giving rise to our model of a Ball Lightning has place between rod electrodes of duralumin inside a polyethylene pipe held from destruction by a strong squeezing. The squeezing has a small foramen, into which the outbreak of a pipe and discharge products release occur after the ending of a discharge. The current pulse by magnitude about 20 kiloamperes and duration about 1 millisecond vaporizes a material of the pipe wall and electrodes. Under condition of high-pressure of gas about 1000 atm the aluminium carbide as an aerogel keeping metal balls by a diameter from tens microns and less is formed. The interaction of such Ball Lightning with an atmosphere is accompanied by a hydrolysis reaction of aluminium carbide, whereupon the methane accumulates within it. The explosion of methane reduces to disintegration of an aerogel to smallest particles and expansion of a detonation wave expulsing largest charged metallics down radius. Happy New Year!

  • Issue 3 February 17, 2004 (Eng) (Rus) Simulated ball lightning's structure formation: incipient structuring.

  • March 24, 2004. From forgotten archives: nonlinear dynamics of complex reactive metastable plasma(ENG) (RUS) Why and when do the electrode spots being moved exist?(ENG) (RUS) Condensation of nonideal dust plasma at the electric discharge accompanied with burning. (RUS) (ENG)

  • December 28, 2004 (RUS) (ENG) Fireball transition to dynamic state.

  • June 12, 2005. (Eng) (Rus) Some questions on plasmachemical BL.

  • Dec 27, 2005. (Eng) (Rus) Chemical plasma for BL modelling and fireball specters (0.7 MB).

  • Apr 02, 2006. Our abstracts to ISBL06 (Eng) and paper PDF-file (Eng) also at e-print: physics/0604115

  • Apr 22, 2006. Our paper to Aerosol Conf. at St.-Petersburg State University (Rus)

  • June 04, 2006. Our theses to Conf. at MIFI (Rus)

  • December 29, 2006. Dynamics of potential and current at the electric breakdown of atomic gas in the shielded tube with the grounded anode (Rus) (Eng)

  • March 15, 2007. Impulse Streamer Breakdown(Rus) (Eng) Under construction

  • Dec 30, 2007. Breakdown in atmosphere(Rus) (Eng) Under construction

  • Apr 7, 2008. Our paper to ISBL08

  • Feb 19, 2009. To the question on dependence of electric breakdown in the ingomogeneous field on polarity

  • Issue 4 (Eng) (Rus) Hydrogen ball lightning on the basis of bubble and porous metal-containing polymer with metal vapor inside.

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